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Hire an IP Business Lawyer on Your Side

Alex Karana loves innovators and entrepreneurs.  That is why Karana IP started!  To help you choose the right legal entity, protect your intellectual property creations, and be a supporting advisor in negotiating agreement with employees, vendors and customers. Whether it is the creation of a corporation, a limited liability or another form of corporate entity, it pays to have a business lawyer on your side, and even more so if your lawyer understands intellectual property law. 

IP Legal Startup Package for Entrepreneurs, Artists,  Creatives, and Influencers

Not every business venture is the same.  Different businesses by their nature require different legal documents.  Karana IP can create a custom package for your new business venture to suit your needs whether you are an engineer, social media influencer, or a serial entrepreneur. We offer start-ups in their first year a comprehensive legal startup package for the formation of a new LLC or corporations. Karana IP understands no startup is the same so your business may not need everything listed below, so call today to discuss your needs and to price other options.

This IP Legal Startup Package for Entrepreneurs consists of the following documents and services:

Startup Business Formation: Incorporation, Organization and Operation

When forming a new entity, Karana IP includes three months of unlimited email advice regarding business legal matters.

Limited Liability Company

  • LLC Formation Documents
  • LLC Operating Agreement & Initial Resolutions
  • Business License
  • DBA/Trade Name Registration
  • Federal Employer Registration Number (EIN) registration
  • Home Occupation Permit 
  • Client Guide for LLC Compliance
  • State Reservation of limited liability company name

Incorporation (S-Corps/C-corp)

  • Corporation Formation Documents
  • Corporation Bylaws and Initial Minutes
  • Business License
  • DBA/Trade Name Registration
  • State Reservation of corporate name;
  • Federal Employer Registration Number (EIN) registration
  • S-Corporation election (if desired)
  • Preparation and organization of corporate records and minute book
  • Home Occupation Permit 
  • Create Client Guide for Corporation Compliant 

Intellectual Property Services

Trademark Registration Add-on

  • Trademark Counseling Session (30-minute call) 
  • Trademark Name Search & Opinion
  • Trademark Registration Application Preparation & Filing
  • Trademark Cease & Desist Letter
  • Non-Substantive Responses to Office Actions from USPTO
  • 18 months of Email Advice regarding Trademark Application 
  • Preparation of Assignment of intellectual property from Founders to the company
  • (Optional Add-on) Trademark Candidate Search & Opinion.
    • Need help deciding between 3-5 names, prior to conducting a comprehensive search? Karana IP can conduct a candidate knock-out search and rank your name choices based on U.S. Federal name search. ($100 per name with minimum 3 names).

Copyright Registration Add-ons

  • Copyright Counseling Session (30-minute call) 
  • Copyright Registration Application Preparation & Filing
  • Preparation of Assignment of intellectual property from Founders to the company

Website Add-on

Many entrepreneurs eventually develop a website which may need the following documents and disclaimers. If you need the following documents for your website, Karana IP will also conduct a Website Review for Compliance.

  • Online Sales Agreement or Website Terms & Conditions Agreement
  • Website Privacy Policy
  • Website Disclosures  

Employment and Consulting Matters

  • At-Will Employment Offer Letter
  • Employee Confidentiality Agreements
  • Vendor/Independent Contractor Services Agreement
  • Unilateral (One Way) Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Mutual (2-Way) Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA)

All Packages Come With:

  • 3 Hours of Legal Time for Consultation for first 6 months
    • Karana IP provide up to 3 hours of advice and consultation on matters of your choice (which may include topics such as employment, real estate (office or store leases), intellectual property, & business plans; and negotiating, reviewing, drafting, and execution of other business or personal related agreements). 
    • The 3 hours may be separated into six 30-min consultations. 

Business Negotiation Matters

Need support with a contract negotiation between you and a client? Karana IP can draft and negotiate a contract between the startup company services as needed. 

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