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Karana IP Law, LLC, is an intellectual property law firm catered towards supporting small business and individuals across industries from technology to entertainment. Karana IP strives to provide flat fees and costs up front so you know what to expect.  Whether you are an artist, inventor, startup, or mature business, Karana IP has the skills you need to help protect and grow your business.  Karana IP provides virtual access so you have the peace of mind of knowing a dedicated resource is available to help without having to drive to an office. 

If you are a Startup or thinking about starting a business, Karana IP can cater a package that includes entity formation (LLC or S-Corp), intellectual property registrations, access to a dedicated attorney, and more.

There's no need to handle these difficult IP matters all alone. Karana IP works hard to guide you through the idea creation process and provides support for your individual and business endeavors. 

Get the legal advice you need for your business and intellectual property. Having a strong trademark attorney on your side is important to develop and maintain a strong brand. A knowledgeable copyright attorney on your team can help protect the content that your brand produces.  Working with Karana IP, you get both.

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Karana IP is focused on intellectual property law in businesses and individuals. Karana IP will help you navigate through the legal system to achieve your goals while providing practical business advice to help grow your business or endeavor.

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